YES Flash Mob on JOY 94.9

As we now know, I was a part of the incredible YES Flash Mob.

The experience has honestly changed my life and I am so thankful to have these people in my life.


(Rachel – 14 y.o flash mob singer)

I also broadcast on Melbourne’s LGBT+ Community Radio Station; JOY 94.9

On Saturday 04/11/2017 I had to opportunity to speak about the YES flash mob on-air, and give a voice to a few fellow flash mobbers to share their experience.

You can hear it here:


Being part of a Marriage Equality Flash Mob

Ok ok, so it’s taken me a couple of days to write this… that being said, the energy high and momentum that this experience has grabbed has also continued on for the last couple of days.

Over the last few weeks, many people have worked tirelessly over a secret project.
A project that brought people together for a cause that we all believed in and wanted to take the opportunity to have fun with whilst expressing support and love for the LGBTIQ+ community.

This all began when a friend posted on Facebook asking “why has no one done a flash mob for marriage equality?”. I don’t think Tim Little knew what he was getting himself into when he asked that question. Before we knew it he was arranging registrations, meeting locations, a rehearsal studio, an admin team, a choreographer and of course a drag queen!

For at least 2 weeks there were regular rehearsals and many hours contributed to this cause. Including video footage for those to learn at home!

On the big day, Oct 22, we all met back at Centre Stage Dance Studios for one last rehearsal and finishing touches. There was much excitement in the room, and we all headed down to Federation Square, Melbourne to make the public floor our stage!

At 12:30pm Macklamore’s “Same Love” started playing, and people wondered where this was coming from. An incredible and brave 14 year old Rachel took the stage and started to sing along as people gathered around to see. As Rachel left the stage, 4 lead dancers and their fluoro shorts donning choreographer Nathan wondered in and commenced dancing to a medley of fabulous pop pride songs including “Somebody to love”, “Let’s have a kiki” and “Proud”. As the medley continued, more dancers joined in.

The rush of energy, love and excitement we all felt during this performance as we saw so many people gather to see, cheer on and get involved was unfathomable. I honestly thought I was going to explode *excuse me while I wipe the tear from my eye right now*.

Right when we thought that it all went off without a hitch and we were running on the high of adrenaline immediately after the performance; we were asked to do it again down at the SSM rally!. Without hesitation we all screamed “YES” and made our way to the State Library to perform again in front of the thousands of SSM ralliers right before the march to Alexandra gardens commenced. This time we had an elevated stage and to be able to walk out onto that platform and see the ocean of supporters, rainbow flags and feel those roaring cheers as we danced for their cause was absolutely invigorating.

I’ve since heard and read stories about children who may be excluded at school. Friends, families and even engagements that have broken up as a result of this hideous debate. The backlash kind-hearted people receive on social media. Friends that have been struggling with depression. And I also hear that dancing for SSM has helped relieve said depression. That we stand up for inclusiveness for the young boy struggling at school. That we give hope for the future. On Sunday Oct 22nd I danced. I danced for that young boy. I danced for the broken relationships. I danced for inclusiveness. On Sunday, I danced for love.

I couldn’t be more thankful to have been a part of this incredible experience that I will never forget. One day I will look back on the day that Australia changed for the better and say with a full heart: “I was a part of that”.

So many people put in hours of voluntary time and energy and whilst I cannot thank everyone enough. A very special thanks must go to Rachel; the 14 year old symbol of strength and pride who got out there and sung solo allowing the commencement of such an event! Also to Nathan Smith for your hours of dedication, patience and energy to choreograph, teach & rehearse with everyone! Jack Thompson for being an incredible contribution, support, providing hours of rehearsal space, organization and hydration! And of course, Tim Little for making this all a possibility! Your idea which came to fruition. Your energy and light. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the organization that went in to creating such an event!

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